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The Most Interesting AP Collaboration: The Travis Scott Royal Oak

  In a not so unexpected collaboration, Audemars Piguet has partnered with Travis Scott and his label, Cactus Jack, to introduce the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar "Cactus Jack" Limited Edition. This cultural milestone not only redefines Swiss watchmaking but also adds a new rhythm to the symphony of music, fashion, and timekeeping. Travis Scott, known for his chart-topping hits and distinct fashion sense, has made a unique transition from watch collector to creator. The collaboration with Audemars Piguet stands as a rare move from a distinguished watchmaking house, being one of the...

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The Most Meaningful Labails Watch: The Ciel

Labails Temerity Ciel

Watchmaking often calls my attention and the attention of many enthusiasts because it is a very passionate industry. Independent brands often showcase groundbreaking creations that change the industry forever. We talked about Labails Geneve before, and the passion behind this brand is as undeniable as it is unique. From its foundation back in 2017, Labails have been evolving and working towards one vision, and has become one of my favorite brands in the process. Under the visionary leadership of Alexandre Labails, the brand's journey has been one of passion and continuous innovation. We...

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Discover the Unique Story of the Cartier Crash

Cartier Crash

A mystery that transcended decades, a mysterious timepiece that became an icon for watch enthusiasts and a “grail” for others.   A timepiece that reached the 1.5 million US Dollar price tag just for the rarity of itself. As you may have guessed it, I am talking about the Cartier Crash.   There is no story like the Cartier Crash one, this timepiece transcended in a unique way. Just like a roller coaster, the fame of this watch has been going up and down throughout the years.  From its debut back in 1967 in London, the Crash became an icon and a reflection of the rebel spirit of the 60’s....

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De Bethune’s Timeless Icons: Three Watches you should know

De Bethune Watches

In the world of Haute Horlogerie, few brands manage to achieve the perfect blend of artistry and innovation. De Bethune stands tall among these elite few, known for its impeccable craftsmanship, groundbreaking designs and a very unique materials taste. On this article I want to present to you a little bit of De Bethune's horological excellence by exploring three timepieces of the brand that I consider iconic which also made me define De Bethune as my favorite watch-brand and captured the hearts of many watch enthusiasts around the globe.   1. DB28 STEEL WHEELS The DB28 Steel Wheels...

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Only Watch Auction 2023: Timepieces With a Noble Cause.


The highly anticipated Only Watch auction has once again captivated the world of luxury watches with its exceptional collection of timepieces. This biennial event, organized from the glamorous Principality of Monaco, held at the iconic city of Geneva; this auction gathers renowned watchmakers who contribute their unique creations to support research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Each watch presented in this prestigious auction is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship, innovation, and philanthropy. Along this article we will be exploring some of our favorite timepieces, and some...

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The Labails Temerity

Every now and then, we as luxury enthusiasts witness a great revelation that deep in ourselves we know it is going to end up being iconic, or even one of the big names in the industry. It is not always at first sight but when you start listening to the story of some brands or products you come to realize the huge potential and passion behind certain projects that are just impossible to ignore. That is exactly what I experienced when I first met Labails, from the way the founder approached me, the quality of the visuals and the huge attention to detail they have to present their brand; to...

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Girard Perregaux Laureato Aston Martin

Girard-Perregaux is pleased to unveil the Laureato Green Ceramic Aston Martin Edition, the first time a Laureato has featured a green ceramic case and bracelet. This is the latest collaboration between the Swiss Maison and the British marque, two companies that have designed products that have stood the test of time. While some of the materials used for these new co-branded watches may be ultramodern, the essence of the inaugural Laureato has been respected. Offered in a choice of two case sizes (42mm and 38mm), each reference is a limited edition and thereby destined to remain a rare...

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Custom Superhero timepiece heralds new era of made-to-order Kross Studio Swiss wristwatches and collectibles Created in official collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products and DC, the Kross Studio x Wonder Woman tourbillon watch is as remarkable as the superheroine who inspired its design. DC’s Wonder Woman is an icon whose unique depth of character has inspired fans around the world. In tribute to Wonder Woman’s global impact, Kross Studio has designed a complex and powerful watch that underlines her icon status as an invincible fighter and seeker of justice. The...

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One of the most important components of the luxury industry are watches, but despite being a pivotal point and a huge market for the luxury business the meaning behind manufacturing, collecting or appreciating watches in general is far away from the industry itself.    Watch enthusiasts will know what I mean when I say watches are an essential in our life; it is not only about having a great accessory, it's about fulfilling the desire of owning something that constantly reminds us of one or many goals accomplished in our journey. It doesn’t matter if it's from a big brand, an...

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Antonio Boggati Eclipse Series

The touching story behind Antonio Boggati:    We have all heard stories about success and perseverance in the luxury industry, I personally love when there is a passionate story behind a brand, because I can identify myself with the feeling of creating something out of your heart; but this story is one of the most touching and probably the best story behind a brand I have ever heard. Let's get deep into the story of a brand that arose between love and fire.   There he was, a young man from the outside of Paris, Antonio, passionate for watchmaking as it was the only heritage his...

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