Watchmaking often calls my attention and the attention of many enthusiasts because it is a very passionate industry. Independent brands often showcase groundbreaking creations that change the industry forever. We talked about Labails Geneve before, and the passion behind this brand is as undeniable as it is unique.

From its foundation back in 2017, Labails have been evolving and working towards one vision, and has become one of my favorite brands in the process. Under the visionary leadership of Alexandre Labails, the brand’s journey has been one of passion and continuous innovation.

We already explored the Temerity, which is a mechanical wonder by itself, but Labails in a constant pursuit of exclusivity and innovation is now presenting a variation of the Temerity, a representation of what Alexandre and his brand are aiming for now, the exceptional.


Ciel: Reaching for the Sky

The Labails Ciel, named after the French word for “sky,” is not just a watch; it’s a representation of Labails’ mindset and motto, “the sky is the limit.” In this new chapter of the brand’s journey, the Ciel stands as a testament to those who aspire to reach for the infinite, those who seek the extraordinary.

In words of Alexandre:

“Temerity was about determination and audacity, a demonstration of what willpower can achieve even without a watchmaking heritage. Ciel is about ambition and elevation, an ostentatious statement about what we aim for: the exceptional.” 


Labails Temerity Ciel

Labails Temerity Ciel


The Ciel represents a transformation, a progression from the already perfect Temerity. It maintains the brand’s commitment to excellence but introduces a slight variation with a lot of meaning.

Encased in a blue yttrium aluminum garnet, a material very close to sapphire crystal, the Ciel is like having a piece of the sky on your wrist, a symbol of aspiration and the endless possibilities that await.

The Ciel is a one-of-one creation; only a single piece will be manufactured. It’s a singular work of art, reserved for just one person that understands the passion and the meaning not only behind the Ciel, but behind Labails and Alexandre’s vision.


A Glimpse of the Sky:

The blue yttrium aluminum garnet, is more than just a protective shield for its complicated mechanisms. It’s a reflection of the limitless sky, capturing the essence of infinite possibilities.


Labails Temerity Ciel


With every single look to the Ciel, the wearer is reminded of his aspirations and dreams, like admiring the open sky and realizing that the only limits are the ones we set for ourselves.

When I think back about Temerity’s design process, I acknowledge that it was happening at a very subconscious level. All the choices made, the R&D efforts, this all uncompromising approach to create our first creation… It had to come from somewhere and I had to wonder where? Part of the answer lies in one of my deep convictions which is very well summarized by this Seneca’s quote : “From anywhere you can reach for the sky.”   – Alexandre Labails.


A Journey Beyond Limits:

As we always express about Labails, we find a brand that empowers passion, growth, and limitless possibilities. The Ciel is a symbol of aspiration, a constant reminder that there are no limits to what can be achieved, no dreams that can’t be materialized.

In this article, we celebrate the evolution of Labails Geneve and introduce you to the singular Labails Ciel. It’s not just a timepiece; it’s a testament to those who aim high, those who chase dreams, and those who know that the sky is not the limit but only the beginning.

Stay tuned for more insights, interviews, and stories as Labails Geneve continues to grow in the world of haute horology. The journey is just beginning, and the sky is the starting point, not the end.


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Written by Founder & Head Editor: Anton Fernandez