In the world of Haute Horlogerie, few brands manage to achieve the perfect blend of artistry and innovation. De Bethune stands tall among these elite few, known for its impeccable craftsmanship, groundbreaking designs and a very unique materials taste. On this article I want to present to you a little bit of De Bethune’s horological excellence by exploring three timepieces of the brand that I consider iconic which also made me define De Bethune as my favorite watch-brand and captured the hearts of many watch enthusiasts around the globe.



The DB28 Steel Wheels is a true testament to De Bethune’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of watchmaking. I consider this the perfect expression of De Bethune, despite the DB28 Steel Wheel is not the very first brand’s creation, I do think is one of the watches that defined De Bethune’s very unique style of craftsmanship and design.

With its distinctive spherical moon phase display and well-thought mechanical “open view”, this timepiece effortlessly marries traditional watchmaking with avant-garde design. It incorporates iconic and even patented features on it, like the floating lungs, but what really caught my eyes on this one are the “Côtes De Bethune” decoration, which they produce using microlight engraving…fantastic!

As a fun fact, the spherical moon at 6 o’clock is so precise that it would take 122 years for it to accumulate one a “one-day” discrepancy, also as a fun fact, this was the very first De Bethune’s timepiece I ever came across and I immediately fell in love.


De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels


What I would Highlight: The iconic spherical moon phase indicator which not only showcases the brand’s astronomical fascination but also reflects the artisanal precision that goes into crafting every detail of a De Bethune watch.



The DB28 Digitale watch reimagines timekeeping, by rethinking the traditional aesthetics and mechanical architectures, the DB28 Digital looks like nothing you have ever seen before, and that’s its charm; it is so unique that I definitely consider it an icon of the brand.  I could resume this timepiece with this statement, a digital jumping display paired with the elegance of analog watches.

This avant-garde creation challenges conventions by blending a futuristic aesthetic with the brand’s signature design elements, it is equipped with a unique mechanism that powers multiple display modes, being, a digital jumping hours complication and an analogue one for the minutes and moon phase.

The polished titanium case, featuring the distinctive crown at 12 o’clock, adds a touch of sophistication to this innovative masterpiece, not to mention the dial, adorned with a “hand-guilloché” barleycorn motif and the super iconic spherical moon phase indicator, paired with the starred sky referring to well known De Bethune details.

This timepiece stands out at first sight, it is way different from any other watch and that is exactly why I like it so much, you know it is something special, just, quite distinct.


De Bethune DB28 Digitale


What I would Highlight: De Bethune’s innovative use of a digital display pays homage to innovation and the modern age, making this timepiece an embodiment of the brand’s forward-thinking spirit without forgetting about watch manufacturing heritage.



The DB25 Traveler watch is what I would consider a hidden gem, a watch invented by De Bethune that may appear simple, but once you look closer, it really is a gem of mechanical intelligence. The DB25 Traveller is of course a multiple time zones watch, but this is way way way more special, let me explain.

The world times are showcased on a disc right at the center, while the “home time” is indicated by a three dimensional moon phase sphere which also happens to be an indicator of day and night, let me tell you, if you haven’t seen this moon phase on display, you should right now, you will not be disappointed by the mechanical wonder this complication is.

On the center disc, which displays several main cities of the world, you can appreciate the iconic “Côtes De Bethune” decoration all around, the generous 45 mm diameter allows a detailed information for the time zones of your choice. The Traveler is settled inside a rose gold case which has a visible trough sapphire case so you can admire the DB2547 movement. If I could only get one watch for the rest of my life, I can asure you this would be the one.


DeBethune DB25 World Traveller


What I would Highlight: The DB25 Traveler not only reflects De Bethune’s watchmaking prowess but also features unrivaled creations, definitely the three dimensional moon phase will steal the show despite the mechanical wonders this timepiece owns.


Why I Consider these Watches are Iconic?

De Bethune’s watches stand as icons of luxury and innovation due to their commitment to pushing boundaries while respecting horological heritage sets, this them apart in a competitive market. Each of these three iconic timepieces reflects De Bethune’s unique approach to watchmaking, making them cherished pieces for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

As a luxury watch enthusiast and journalist, I will conclude this article saying this:

The DB28 Steel Wheels holds a special place in my heart for being the watch that introduced me to the brand; the DB28 Digital, on the other hand, fascinates me with its bold departure from the norm, demonstrating De Bethune’s fearlessness in embracing modernity while maintaining an air of tradition, and the DB25 Traveler’s practicality and globe-trotting charm make it an essential companion for me who appreciate both aesthetics and functionality.

These timepieces embody the brand’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of horology while paying homage to tradition. As I celebrate these icons, we’re all reminded that luxury is not just about material opulence but also about the artistry, passion, innovation, and timeless elegance that these watches encapsulate.

Written by Funder & Head Editor: Anton Fernandez