Custom Superhero timepiece heralds new era of made-to-order Kross Studio Swiss wristwatches and collectibles

Created in official collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products and DC, the Kross Studio x Wonder Woman tourbillon watch is as remarkable as the superheroine who inspired its design. DC’s Wonder Woman is an icon whose unique depth of character has inspired fans around the world. In tribute to Wonder Woman’s global impact, Kross Studio has designed a complex and powerful watch that underlines her icon status as an invincible fighter and seeker of justice.

The renegade manufacturers, designers, engineers, and watchmakers have joined forces to create a truly remarkable and groundbreaking timepiece. This custom-commissioned, one-of-a-kind timepiece stands as a testament to Kross Studio’s daring creativity and manufacturing prowess, driven by a visionary team, and the Swiss manufacture’s agile skill in creating custom designs for the most discerning collectors and enthusiasts.


A unique piece in every way

This project afforded Kross Studio yet another welcome opportunity to overcome challenges and push the limits of high watchmaking. To produce this exceptional piece that embodies the superheroine, Kross Studio developed an ultra-complex new casing process that for the first time united the watch’s dial and movement. Kross Studio engineers turned to the brand’s own central tourbillon manufacture movement to begin, but the integration of the dial required a new design, inspiring a new version of the caliber KS’7000. Here, the dial and the movement follow the curve of the sapphire crystal across its entire diameter. Moreover, for the first time, the Studio did not top the central tourbillon cage with a decorative element, instead integrating Wonder Woman’s iconic emblem as an integral part of the dial, above the tourbillon cage. The tourbillon cage, for its part, has benefited from a new design with an upper cage bridge symbolizing the Kross Studio cross.




A one-of-a-kind time reading

Fittingly, the watch also presents a unique method of reading the hours and minutes. The hour hand, representing Wonder Woman’s sword, is attached to the peripheral display mechanism in 360° orbit around the tourbillon. The superheroine’s tiara points to her shield which, in turn, reveals the disc displaying the minutes over a range of 15 minutes at 12 o’clock. The lasso of truth finds its place around the shield, in perfect symmetry with the diadem. Finally, the hour markers on the flange are arranged in the shape of stars, a potent symbol of Wonder Woman.


An ultra-powerful in-house caliber

Every Kross Studio piece is a symbiotic union of design and performance. Two hundred and eighty-three elements compose the Wonder Woman tourbillon, with 205 In the movement alone. The hand-wound mechanical caliber pays homage to her strength and endurance with a robust 5-day power reserve. Despite its complexity, the case offers an ergonomic experience thanks to its clever D-ring winding and time-setting system, located on the case back, and by the “Time Set” push button, placed between 3 and 4 o’clock.

The Wonder Woman watch comes with three straps, easily interchangeable thanks to the ingenious quick-change strap system developed by Kross Studio. One is crafted of blue calf leather strap, the other in red alligator, and the third strap in anthracite grey goat leather.




A vibrant piece

Each element presented within the circular satin-brushed grade 5 titanium case has been designed with depth and brilliance in mind, from the flange and the minute disc treated in blue pvd to the sandblasted and polished central applique in 3N gold color. The final touches go even further thanks to 5-axis CNC machining techniques, a newly expanded offering for the house manufacture, and hand-crafted finishes have enabled Kross Studio technicians and designers to render elements of the Wonder Woman central tourbillon watch in three dimensions.

 This creative breakthrough has also set the stage for Kross Studio to enter a new era of custom creations and exclusive made-to-order timepieces.


Written by Kross Studio media team: