The touching story behind Antonio Boggati: 


We have all heard stories about success and perseverance in the luxury industry, I personally love when there is a passionate story behind a brand, because I can identify myself with the feeling of creating something out of your heart; but this story is one of the most touching and probably the best story behind a brand I have ever heard. Let’s get deep into the story of a brand that arose between love and fire.


There he was, a young man from the outside of Paris, Antonio, passionate for watchmaking as it was the only heritage his father left him before he passed away, a young man that admired architecture and contemporary buildings so much that he drew inspiration from them in order to design and create his timepieces. Watchmaking was the only thing he had, so he would stand in the parisian streets offering his masterpieces to passers-by in order to make a living. Although his designs were mesmerizing and the passion behind was undeniable, not everybody was able to appreciate the artistic value of his creations. 


Antonio, as any other day was offering his watches on the scenic streets of Paris when an elegant gentleman approached him completely amazed by Antonio’s designs, this gentleman as a former and recognized architect, appreciated the inspiration and passion Antonio impregnated in every timepiece, so much that he commissioned Antonio to create an special timepiece for him and one for his fiancée. Antonio accepted, and spent months in his hut creating two timepieces so unique, that would fulfill the desires of the gentleman he met, his name was Boggati. 


When Antonio presented the two timepieces to Boggati, he was thrilled, the exact same feeling arose in his fiancée when she received the gift, as she was delighted with the design and the beauty of the watch.  She immediately knew she was holding something never seen before, so she wanted to meet the creator of such a masterpiece. Boggati and his wife looked for Antonio for days, with no luck at all; a man noticed and approached the couple to guide them to Antonio’s hut, once they arrived, the hut was half burned and Antonio was laying on the floor. Unfortunately Antonio passed away. 


Boggati and his fiancée kept a couple of Antonio’s sketches, they decided to keep them with the sole purpose of keeping Antonio and his biggest dream alive forever, creating Antonio Boggati, a brand that would always hold Antonio’s reputation based on the art of watchmaking he used, paired with Boggati’s architectural talent.


Antonio Boggati is now a world famous watchmaking brand, which stands out for its designs, top tier materials and the legacy the timepieces represent. The story behind the brand is essential, in order to perceive the passion and the level of fulfillment each design represents for Mr. Boggati, and in this article, you will get to know my personal favorite collection; The Antonio Boggati Eclipse Series. 


Antonio Boggati Eclipse Series


The Eclipse Series, the representation of elegance:


Based on Antonio Boggati’s most famous model, the “Couple La Paris” series, the Eclipse is what I call the evolution of a masterpiece, Boggati took the emblematic and asymmetrical shape of the CLP and added special touches in order to make this watch the most beautiful one in their collection. Boggati added different and unique patterns on the dial to create the illusion of space, and most importantly the color pairing representing the partial solar eclipse which gave the name to this edition. 


You can tell this watch is meant to be the brand’s top line at first sight, the elegant touches on it are undeniable, let me tell you, the asymmetrical roman numerals shaping the eclipse silhouette is what attracted me the most when I first saw this timepiece, but as I kept analyzing it, I realized that my favorite feature was not even on the dial or the movement, but right on the outside. Sitting on the 316L steel case, two elliptical Swarovski curves maintaining the asymmetrical language are presented to us in a phenomenal way, by using different sizes and cuttings; the crystals fit perfectly together. 


Antonio Boggati Eclipse Series


In addition to a completely Swiss made movement, top tier leather and the sapphire crystal; we find these subtle details everywhere, that make me perceive this masterpiece not only as a timekeeper, but as a very discrete high end bracelet. Because with the Eclipse Series, Antonio Boggati managed to combine two of the most desirable accessories in one, especially for women. I personally enjoy admiring this timepiece due to the elegance it involves, I always enjoy having a timepiece that means and represents much more; in the case of the Eclipse, it reflects the history of the brand, the evolution their designs have had along this years and how Boggati still paying homage to the artesian Antonio who created the very first timepieces of the brand. 


Love and elegance would be my chosen words to describe this watch, the history, the passion and the legacy this design encapsulated are the main reasons for me to write this article around a brand that is still emerging and evolving.


This is exactly why we should all keep an eye on this brand, because it not only offers stunning designs, enviable quality materials and one of the greatest stories behind; but it offers them for just a fraction of the price we are used to paying for timepieces like this.  


Antonio Boggati is one of the few, if not the only brand with real swiss made watches in a very reasonable price range, I personally appreciate this kind of efforts, because there are a lot of horlogerie  fanatics out there that desire a watch like this but can not always afford it; so I think this is one of the best options in order to start a great collection with a great timepiece. 


Antonio Boggati Eclipse Series


Where the values align: 


After learning and getting deep into Antonio Boggati’s history I felt our brand values and journeys can align in more than one way, that is exactly why I would like to thank Mr. Andre Demetriades for trusting our project and selecting us to feature in this special article. It was a whole adventure learning as much as we could about these designs and the story behind each one of them. I can tell the vision of this brand is far away from making tons of money, it is about passion and following the path of life we enjoy; it’s the exact place in which our values align, and we end up with magnificent and memorable collaborations like this. 


For me personally it was a great experience and a big pleasure to collaborate with such a valuable brand, I would also like to thank Amrani Group for making this collaboration possible, and trusting AF Luxury & Lifestyle as an official Media Member for the whole group. 


I hope we can bring you better and more valuable content as we evolve and grow as a brand. If you like to learn more and even purchase one of these great timepieces make sure you visit and let me know what you think about it. 


Written by Founder & Head Editor: Anton Fernandez in collaboration Antonio Bugatti brand (represented by Mr. Andre Demetriades) and Amrani Group.