Since setting up shop 17 years ago, Swiss watch company MB&F has made a name for itself with its innovative designs that push the boundaries of horological exploration. Now, the legendary brand has unveiled its very first chronograph, the LM Sequential EVO.

Designed by trusted collaborator, Stephen McDonnell – who previously reinvented the perpetual calendar for the brand’s LM Perpetual in 2015 – the new watch is the culmination of five years’ tireless work.

“Stephen McDonnell is arguably the only genius I have ever met,” says MB&F’s founder, Maximilian Büsser, of the talented Northern Irish watchmaker.



“His mind is like no other, and from it springs the most amazing and innovative solutions to century-old issues plaguing our existing mechanical watchmaking complications,” he continues. “We are so honored and grateful that Stephen enjoys writing with us these new chapters of a world we love so much.”

MB&F LM Sequential atomic orange

The zirconium dial plate is available in two striking colors: atomic orange and coal-black / ©MB&F

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So what can future owners expect from the new timepiece? McDonnell has far surpassed expectations with the LM Sequential, patenting five different technical solutions in his groundbreaking design.

On sale for an eyewatering $180,000, the extra-sturdy zirconium dial plate is available in two striking colors: atomic orange and coal black. MB&F’s LM Sequential EVO features two chronograph displays that can be started, stopped and reset entirely independently of each other offering several timing modes.

Perhaps most impressive of all is McDonnell’s freshly minted ‘Twinverter’: a cutting-edge pusher that allows both chronographs to operate simultaneously. This allows the LM Sequential EVO to measure the duration of multiple events with separate starting and endpoints, even when the events overlap in timing – something that has never before been achieved in a chronograph.

McDonnell also added a no-bezel case to emphasize the movement and fully showcase the fruits of his labor. Like the much-loved existing LM collection, MB&F’s LM Sequential EVO includes a sapphire crystal dome, updated with a shift in the geometry to enable the placement of the 3HZ (21,600vph) suspended balance in relation to the chronograph displays. Keeping comfort in mind, the iconic timepiece is finished with a super smooth integrated rubber strap in either white or black.

MB&F LM Sequential atomic orange on wrist

McDonnell’s freshly minted ‘Twinverter’ allows both chronographs to operate simultaneously / ©MB&F

The MF&B LM Sequential EVO is available to buy now. See for more information.