I consider myself an ephemeral lover of Porsche, every single year since I can remember there has always been a Porsche some kind of “close” to me, but the one I remember the most was a 911 Carrera S from 2005, the sophistication, the sound and the great built used to drive me crazy as a kid.

That exact Carrera S was guilty of making me fall in love with the brand and I have been following it ever since, but I grew up, now I am even more passionate about cars, and the industry in general. I have tried several editions and models, but nothing gave me the feeling as the Carrera S used to, until now.

The Porsche 992 911 Sport Classic stole my heart and revived that Classy feeling Porsche gave me back in 2005, so I decided to take you on the seat as we review this very special edition 911 and talk about what makes the Sport Classic – The Best Porsche Ever – .


What is so Special about it? 

The Sport Classic is what I define as a “Greatest Hits” 911, this edition features several winks to past generations of 911’s and the level of details is amazing for the trained eye. But what stands tall at first sight is of course that this is a manual gearbox Porsche, and not only that, the Sport Classic features a Porsche Turbo engine paired with rear wheel drive configuration which makes it really one of a kind.

I like this 911 because despite the 500 plus hp and being a rear wheel drive it doesn’t really feel like an uncontrollable beast, actually it is really well put together which allows any kind of driver to have a great time with it. The Sport Classic actually feels more like a Grand Tourer than a track focused car, despite its capabilities.


Porsche 992 911 Sport Classic


As a 911 Turbo, this edition is a very comfortable one, great assembled of course but with a sophisticated touch of class and top tier materials that really makes it stand out. On the inside we find a very unique combination of vintage leather, tweed and wood, yes, wood on a 911; for me the interior is what really makes it, because it resembles the classic era of Porsche and adds classic touches as the -Pepita Tweed-, real gold lettering and camel tone leather.


Glance to the Classics

Of course the Sport Classic being a “greatest hits” 911, it had to feature several winks and little homages to iconic classics of the brand. At first and most notorious are the wheels, with a design called “fuchs” which was mainly used during the 60’s. If you need it to be clearer, think of the 60’s 911 Carrera, you will immediately know what I am talking about.

Besides the wheel design inspired by a classic, we also find special touches like the bubble roof, and the duck tail wing that became iconic in the sports cars industry back in the day, but what I consider the best – easter egg- of the car is one reserved for the trained eye only, if you look closely you can see that the logo on the front is actually the classic logo, even the colors are the vintage ones; and for an enthusiast like me, thats the kind of things I want to see in a “Sport Classic” edition.


Porsche 992 911 Sport Classic

Porsche 992 911 Sport Classic

Porsche 992 911 Sport Classic


A Very Limited 911

The last time we saw a Sport Classic 911 was back in 2009, with the 997 Sport Classic; it was extremely limited, 250 cars to come correct. And as we all know by now, limited always means expensive, and yes, it was. But talking about the 992 911 one, we are talking about 1,250 units, a thousand more than last time, but don’t get confused, it is still very expensive.

In fact, the 992 911 SC is the most expensive 911 you can buy today, with a price around $282,800.00 -usd- which means you can buy two 911 Carreras and still have around $50,000 to buy margaritas and a couple cigars on a very complete vacation.

So yes, you can assure this 911 is a future classic – if the name does not sounds as it is – so if you are one of the 1,250 lucky ones, make sure you take good care of you very very fast investment.



But, is it Really the Best 911?

Of course we all have different opinions, specially when it comes to a model like the 911, which has so many variants across time, and has a lot of ephemeral fans. But let me tell you, for me, the Sport Classic is the best looking 911 by far; on the outside and on the inside. This car has such a dominant and intriguing character, it makes me feel such a nostalgic beauty and you know I love that.


Porsche 992 911 Sport Classic


And as we had the opportunity to drive one, and to appreciate how it feels let me tell you, this car is an amazing companion for an amazing roads; It is as powerful as it is beautiful and it just goes, the boost is incredible and paired with the manual gearbox it is just a great experience.

For me, the 992 911 Sport Classic is indeed the best 911 ever, at least for now, I really enjoy the classy vibe and the little touches here and there that makes it so special. Even people not really familiar with the brand find it very beautiful because it is so well put together. But again, what makes it for me is the nostalgic feeling it arouse, the aesthetics and what this edition really means; a glance to the journey of one of the most iconic cars ever created.


Written by Founder and Head Editor, Anton Fernandez.

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