We all love Christmas, the decorations, the vibe all around is always amazing, and besides drinking hot cocoa and putting up together amazing layered outfits, something we all for sure love is curating gifts for our loved ones and of course, for ourselves.

When it comes to Luxury Gifts, things can get complicated sometimes, with a lot of brands and goods available for the season; that is why every year we curate an exclusive selection of Luxury Gifts that will make your loved ones extremely happy. From Jewelry to Table Books, take a look to the ultimate Luxury Gift Guide for this year’s Christmas Festivities.


An Elegant & Reliable Timepiece

High end watches will always be a great gift, despite the age, gender or taste, an elegant and reliable timepiece is always appreciated.  If you are looking for versatility, for your gift to be timeless, there are plenty of options from several brands you can rely on when curating this gift.

Brands like Omega or Tudor are magnificent options for gifting a watch to an enthusiast gentleman, despite the age of course; the Tudor Black Bay is an amazing option if you want to gift an exceptional timepiece without breaking the bank, on the other hand, the Omega Seamaster Aque Terra is perfect for any gent who knows about watches and appreciates good brands.

When looking for a Lady Timepiece, you can always go for the trustworthy brands, such as Cartier and Bvlgari, the Cartier Tank is a classic and wont disappoint anybody. If you want your gift to be the highlight of the night you can always go for a Bvlgari Serpenti Tubogas, trust me, to whoever you gift this timepiece will never forget you.


Tudor Black BayWhat to Know Before Buying the Omega Aqua Terra | Teddy Baldassarre



Table Books

We all like our home to be as sophisticated as it can get, and a lovely touch will always be Table Books for our coffee tables or shelfs around our home, there are several options to pick from, but for this list we will give a special mention to Assouline Books.

With a wide variety of luxury focused table books,  Assouline is one of the best, if not the best option when it comes to a gift like this. From cars, to watches, to iconic destination books, the aesthetic of their books is impeccable. This is a gift that is almost bespoke, we can find the perfect one depending on what the person likes.

Their Travel Series is iconic, and it is a very affordable option of the brand, from Monaco to Gstaad the variety of locations they have a book on is amazing; but if you are looking for something more specific they have options like watch brands – Rolex, Patek, DeBethune- , Art books, Jewelry, Cars, Iconic advertisement and several Luxury Brands Icons to choose from.


Our CollectIons - Coffee Table Books Collection | ASSOULINEAssouline Coffee Table Books - Travel Series – Caroline & Company



Luxury Candles

As an amazing compliment for the Table Book, an other essential that has gained a lot of popularity lately, we find Luxury Candles; a great and useful gift for those seeking to add a special touch to their home or workspace.

There is a huge variety of scent candles out there, but when it comes to Luxury Candles, we have great options. Brands like Diptyque Figuier, Jo Malone and Cartier Les Ecrins are the top choices when it comes to personify your spaces with great taste and scent.

Luxury Scent Candles have huge potential as christmas gifts, you don’t break your bank and you are gifting a Luxury Product that is actually useful for anyone. And lets admit it, we all appreciate a personal touch of class whenever we have a special visit or even when we want to spend some quality time with ourselves.


Figuier (Fig Tree) - Medium candle Medium | Diptyque ParisScented Home | Les Ecrins Parfumes Candles | Cartier®


Comfy and Not Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The beautiful tradition of gifting or wearing “ugly” christmas sweaters is a classic, and even though the tradition stands for wearing not so beautiful clothing pieces, when we talk about luxury brands, their sweaters are everything but ugly. And that is exactly what makes them a proper gift suggestion for us.

A great quality Christmas Sweater is always appreciated for what it means, but when you add the special touch some Luxury Brands add to them, the allure is even greater. Brands such as Ralph Lauren have super iconic sweaters such as the Teddy Bear Collection, and by gifting Ralph Lauren or sweaters from brands like Chloé, we ensure great quality and a timeless statement piece for future events.


Polo Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Sweater | Harrods CAPolo Bear Sweater by Polo Ralph Lauren | Dantendorfer Online Shop



Luxury Tech Accessories

We usually don’t mention tech accessories or tech in general, but along this year, we came across some interesting pieces or accessories we consider to be proper tech gear and anybody with a refined taste would appreciate.

Accessories such as the Rimowa Aluminum iPhone case or the Loewe Puzzle Bag are gaining a lot of popularity between industry personalities and tech users with refined taste, but for pure tech gadgets I think the best option this year are Tech Sunglasses. Brands like Ray-Ban with the Meta Wayfarers, Fauna and their Spiro audio glasses offer amazing quality, great looks and undeniable innovation making this gadget an amazing gift.


Aluminum iPhone 15 Pro Case | Silver | RIMOWA

Ray-Ban x Meta Wayfarer 2.0 Smartglasses | Uncrate Supply


High End Jewelry

Classics become classics for a reason, Jewelry is one of the most appreciated gifts anybody can receive, not only for the actual value of the piece, but the meaning it has behind. For anybody who appreciates the finer things, jewelry is the way to go. From bracelets to earrings the options are almost endless.

Despite the iconic brands and accessories you can get, we focus on this year’s trends and most popular pieces that will assure a timeless accessory and of course an amazing gift. The Tiffany & Co Lock Bangle gained a lot of traction during 2023 and I am sure it is in more than one Christmas Wishlist, so definitely consider it. Other options like the Van Cleef & Arpels designs or the Iconic Cartier Love pieces will also make your gift stand out.


Pulsera Tiffany Lock en oro blanco | Tiffany & Co.

Lucky Spring bracelet, 5 motifs 18K rose gold, Carnelian, Mother-of-pearl, Onyx - Van Cleef & Arpels


Luxury Spirits

When you are invited to a Christmas dinner, it is always a good idea to arrive with a good Spirit to gift – or to drink-, so you should definitely consider Luxury Spirits as a gift for this year’s celebrations. Champagne, Whisky, Wine and even Tequila are amazing presents with the potential of becoming a “decorative” piece for those who appreciate product design.

The advantage of spirits is that you have a wide variety of them and you can pick one depending on the person’s taste, Veuve Clicquot, Krug and Dom Perignon will always be appreciated for any festivity, specially for Christmas when they release several editions regarding the holidays. Casa Azul Tequila, Macallan Whisky and Pretvs Wine are also very good options as a gift that will suit the festivities perfectly.


Buy Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut Champagne 6 Bottle Case | Flask WinesDouble Cask 30 años - The Macallan Single Malt




Hope you can get a few classic and new ideas for this year’s celebrations, I can asure you anything listed on this article will be highly appreciated by anyone that enjoys the finer things. Of course you can always go for more exclusive and expensive gifts, but what ever you decide keep in mind that the most important part is the intention behind each gift.

Don’t forget ti share with us if you pick one of the listed gifts as a present for this Christmas! Hope you enjoyed this article and of course; we in AF Luxury & Lifestyle wish you a merry christmas and a lot of great wishes for you all!

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Written by Founder & Head Editor, Anton Fernandez