As ephemeral Luxury and Lifestyle enthusiasts, we would all like to receive the finer gifts in this Christmas season, so if you are looking for the best gifts to give or to purchase for yourself; here is a top 10 of what I would consider the most valuable purchases worth every single penny. 

From clothing pieces, to cars and events, this list is full of the most popular and desired luxury goods of this year, in my opinion of course; feel free to leave in the comments which would be the perfect gift for you or your loved ones. 

The list has no particular order,  I hope you enjoy and fulfill the inspiration you need for the celebrations to come. 




  1. Maison Goyard Scarf No. 1


For the winter climates one of the top accessories you can wear is a scarf, it is the perfect compliment for every outfit with lots of ways to wear it, and it can’t get better than Goyard. Printed in the traditional frame-printing technique, this 100% silk monogram scarf is available in ten different colors to match with any piece of clothing you pick for your christmas eve dinner. 

You will definitely stand out with this classic but underrated accessory manufactured by one of the most exclusive maison in the world.









  1. Loro Piana Parson Puffer Jacket


An essential when we talk about outerwear, this stand collar puffer jacket is top tier quality, a quality only Loro Piana is capable of offering. Structured in soft polongé leather with an ultra smooth nabuk finish this is definitely the key clothing piece of the perfect winter fit; the cashmere inserts are water and winter proof thanks to the brand’s “Storm System” treatment. 

Warm, versatile and elegant this is the perfect winter jacket, this is my personal favorite gift of the list, and I am sure it will be for a couple of you too. At Loro Piana they are experts in quality and treatments to make their clothes the best in the world, this puffer jacket is no exception. 










  1. Dior Saddle Bag 1947


We all know a good handbag is both a great and useful accessory, we all need at least one, but if that one handbag is a great one, you won’t need more. The Dior saddlebag is the perfect gift, as an iconic accessory it looks impeccable when you dress it up well, the 1947 specifically is the one I found the most attractive; the gray grained calfskin and the embroidered Christian Dior signature in that classic typography makes it timeless. 

This might actually be the best compliment for the #1 and #2 gifts from the list, who would’ve thought of it? you almost got your christmas eve look complete. 








  1. DeBethune DB25 Starry Varius Aérolite 


A timepiece will always be a great gift, it shows love and appreciation to the person you are gifting it to, but gifting a DeBethune, now that is a whole new level, specially a DB25 Starry Varius Aérolite. One of the most beautiful timepieces ever manufactured, created from a meteorite with a mesmerizing attention to detail, ultra rare materials and a fully personalized starry dial so you can engrave and keep a special date forever in the most luxurious way possible. 

This DB25 is not only the perfect gift for any haute horlogerie enthusiast but it is for anyone  seeking to have a great trophy in their collection, is a perfect compliment for any attire, it will be the best conversation starter ever, and of course, to whoever you gift it will always appreciate you for having such a great taste. 








  1. A couple of nights at the Carlton Hotel, St. Moritz


There is one destination that makes Christmas and the whole winter season extra special, located in Switzerland and recognized as one of the most desirable and exclusive destinations in the world, visiting St. Moritz is a must for anyone who enjoys the finer things in life. What better gift than a couple of nights at one of the most beautiful hotels in St. Moritz, The Carlton Hotel. 

A boutique and private vibe with a beautiful view of the St. Moritz lake it’s all you need to have the most magical winter experience. In your suite you will find a perfectly paired modern and classic design thanks to the renowned designer Carlo Rampazzi. We all love traveling and gifting nights at this exclusive hotel might be the top tier gift of the list. 

As a personal advice, book this trip for February, it will make sense for gift number 8. 





  1. DIOR Ski attire


You are already in St. Moritz, I hope you are not planning to leave without a couple skiing or snowboarding sessions. If you are up to the whole package of doing a trip like that, you will need the proper attire in order to complete your luxury experience. 


This will be the perfect gift for the occasion, an entire ski suit with a matching snowboard sounds great, but make it better, make it Dior. For the 2023 collection, the french designer brand is launching an entire capsule focused on snow sports, imagine combining the practicality of ski suits and gear with the fashionable designs and top quality of Christian Dior; I can assure you one thing, you will probably not be the best at doing it, but you will definitely be the best looking one on the meanwhile. 








  1. Fauré Le Page Travel Bag.


Another essential for any trip and a perfect compliment to your winter vacations, a travel bag is always a need when you need to travel with all your skincare routine. With Fauré Le Page it can’t get any better, top tier leather with impressive designs their leather goods are ones of the most desirable and perfect gifts for this season. 


Stand out from the common monogram patterns with this unusual but classic patter from the brand, we all know FLP gives that little extra points of exclusivity in every accessory, and even better they have lots of customization options so the gift can be way more personal to any loved one. 





  1. Tickets for “THE ICE” at St. Moritz. 


I mean, you are already there if there is any event in St. Moritz you don’t want to miss out is The International Concours of Elegance, cars you would have never imagined drifting on snow and ice will be there doing that exact same thing. From classic cars to modern super cars will be showcasing their beauty and performance in the beautiful frozen lake. 


Views on views, literally; this gift will eventually open the door for the next one, it will be worth it, trust me! This is the perfect gift for any car enthusiast, collector or for anybody that wants to be elbow to elbow with high class personalities. 








  1. Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato. 


By far the top and most expensive gift of the list, the very first all terrain Lamborghini, with 610 hp and a 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds over ANY terrain, this is the perfect match for assisting “THE ICE”, definitely a head turner, this lamborghini is the most revolutionary and technologically advanced all terrain supercar you will be able to join the fun at the frozen lake, or maybe take it to the beach and ride along the sea, it is up to you. 

Despite the price tag, this will be a gift we all would appreciate getting, as a side note for anyone of my readers thinking of sending me a special gift, this is the one you should consider. 




  1. Dom Perignon x Bvlgari 


Last, but not least, Champagne is great for any celebration, but for a special occasion, you need a special edition champagne. What better special edition than the Dom Perignon x Bvlgari collaboration. A vintage rosé 2004 decorated with the iconic Bvlgari Serpenti collar made out of rose gold, white diamonds and onyx, this bottle is a beautiful homage to exclusivity. 


Either you drink it to cheer for this season or you just exhibit the bottle in your personal cellar, this will be a memorable gift that any enthusiast of the luxury industry will appreciate for a long time. 








Hope this list is helpful for you to find out the perfect gift for you or for a beloved one. This season is about sharing happiness, and what better happiness than the best things in life. 

Share with me in the comments what would you like to receive or which gift you think might be the best one of the list. 



Written by Founder & Head Editor, Anton Fernandez.