The newest LMX watch is the brand’s first-ever dual time zone piece.

MB&F Legacy Machine LMX
MB&F Legacy Machine LMX / ©MB&F

Independent Swiss watch brand MB&F is all about three-dimensional watchmaking that showcases the glory of the mechanical craft. One of the most coveted independent brands among collectors, MB&F regularly pushes the creative envelope with sculptured cases that resemble animals or spaceships, and with movement architecture that should be in a museum. Even in its most classic of watches, the Legacy Machine, the brand still finds ways to surprise customers.

The newest LMX watch (which celebrates 10 years this year), is the brand’s first-ever dual time zone piece. Not only does it feature two nearly vertical dials in perfect symmetry, but also the hours and minutes of each subsidiary dial can be set independently of the other — a feature not usually found on dual time watches. The battle-axe-shaped escapement bridge is indicative of the brand, but the large 13.4mm balance wheel adds to the allure of the watch. The seven days of power reserve are indicated in an unusual manner on an arched scale, and the wearer can choose to use a seven-day indicator or a weekday mode. The list of innovations inside this 367-part movement goes on, but suffice it to say that this titanium timepiece captures eyes from across a crowded room.

$112,000, available at Cellini Jewelers in New York, +1 212 888 0505,