The timepiece comes on a special rubber strap inspired by the rear sections of Bugatti supercars.

The Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti Watch

When Bugatti approached Jacob & Co. to form a watch collaboration, founder Jacob Arabo was thrilled. Not only was it a special year for Bugatti (110-year anniversary), but he was a huge fan of the supercar brand.

“Bugatti is by far my favorite car company,” declares Mr. Arabo. “When I look at a Bugatti Chiron sports car, the perfectly refined engineering is so powerful that sometimes it appears to be moving even when it is standing still.

“That’s the same feeling I get when I wear our timepieces: a rush, a sense of energy, movement and power that can barely be contained.”



This long-term partnership brings together two giants of cutting-edge design that share a passion for pushing the limits of what seems mechanically possible, crafting the most sophisticated engineering in machines of eye-catching beauty.

“We wanted to do this partnership with Jacob & Co. because we are both absolutely dedicated to innovation, craftsmanship, and the quality of the materials,” says Stephan Winkelmann, Bugatti President. “To put it simply: we wanted to have the best with the best.”

At the 2019 Baselworld show, Jacob & Co. and Bugatti unveiled two great co-branded timepieces. The first is a limited edition of the Twin Turbo Furious, with its breathtaking twin triple-axis tourbillons, column-wheel chronograph with reference time and decimal repeater.

Designed with high performance sports cars in mind, the Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti Édition features the blue of the French flag around the dial, celebrates Bugatti’s 110 year anniversary with a special case back, positions the Bugatti logo proudly and prominently in the center of the dial, and sports the colors of the French flag on the “fuel gauge” (the power reserve indicator).

The Epic X Chrono Bugatti

The second limited edition (110 pieces) is the sporty Bugatti Édition Limitée 110 Ans, celebrating the founding of Bugatti by Ettore Bugatti in 1909. The Bugatti version features a special forged carbon case, not available anywhere else in the Epic X range, and incorporates the colors of the French flag into its bold dial design.

The timepiece comes on a special rubber strap inspired by the iconic rear sections of Bugatti supercars.

Both Jacob & Co. and Bugatti acknowledge this is just the beginning for this partnership, with more incredible timepieces and jewelry coming later in the year.

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