When we talk about memorable collaborations in the luxury industry there are only a few examples that actually amazed us, or at least me, but there is one in particular that I think is actually worthy of writing an article; and how it couldn’t, we are talking about an ultra-lightweight boat inspired in one of the most radical supercars ever designed capable of producing 4,000 hp traduced into 60 knots. Not only is it one of the top performance yachts in the world but is also the standard of how luxury collaborations should be done, The Italian Sea Group in collaboration with Automobili Lamborghini present The Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63. 

The “Lamborghini yacht” was unveiled in 2021 and the first time I saw the renders and the scale models I had a lot of mixed feelings, I loved the design language the italian sea group developed along with the lamborghini team, there was no doubt this was a lamborghini boat and I really appreciated the fact that they followed the Sian overall spirit in every detail; but, it  really wasn’t what I expected I felt it was more of a speed boat rather than a Yacht. Time passed and the more I saw the tecnomar the more it grew into me until I had a closer look at it in life size and as you can guess it, I totally fell for it. 

Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63


I understood the main objective of the project was creating the top performance boat, just like the Sian, so my perspective was changed as I got deep into it, let’s start with the rear end; at first sight a big sunbed in which I started noticing the huge attention to detail of the Lambo pedigree, every single pattern from the floor to the sunbed was based in the iconic hexagon shape lamborghini accentuates in every car, but of course, the best part of the rare end is under the sunbed; Twin V12 engines producing 4,000 hp in total traduced to 60 knots this kind of power paired with the extreme effort of weight reducing results in a one of a kind boat that perfectly balance capability and luxury. 

Once you arrive to the cockpit you fully notice the influence of the italian supercar, from the seats to the dashboard everywhere you look is filled with pleasant winks to the Sian even the steering wheel is the exact same as in the car; the cockpit feels like a great place to be, only overwhelmed by the bow part in which a giant open space awaits perfectly to spend the evening and have a great look to wherever you are cruising. You will notice some special features of the boat such as the hidden anchor system to maintain the design language as radical as possible and when you see the bow from the outside you can also notice the Tecnomar has the same headlights as the Lamborghini Sian. So as you can tell this is not only the most capable boat in the Italian Sea Group fleet, but is also the most design driven of them all. 


Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63


The highly detailed and references to lamborghini keep following us all the way into the inside two cabins of the boat, right when you enter the main room the first thing you see is the huge Lamborghini headboard patterned with what I like to call  “Lamborghini stars” that the brand uses in all of their vehicles, to be honest I never thought the interior of the boat would feel so big, you could actually spend an entire weekend abroad with full comfort and luxury. Some little details I really liked of being inside of the Tecnomar are the small but beautiful hexagonal references all around, even the sink is shaped as one, the skylight is shaped as the lamborghini shield logo, and when you buy this boat you get access to a full carbon fiber toilet…had to mention it I found it so unique. 


Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63


So, to wrap up the experience of meeting the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63. I feel free to say this yacht or better said performance boat is the pinnacle of luxury collaborations, filled of comfort, luxury and power this is the perfect toy for anyone looking for touring the seas with an immaculate balance; definitely the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 will turn heads in any pier it is anchored. 

Written by Fonder and Head Editor: Anton Fernandez.