As a Mexican I have always felt proud of my origins, my culture and what we represent around the world, especially for that small or large list of things for which we are recognized wherever we step on the globe. And they will say what they want, but tequila is a large part of it, everyone knows tequila, and for good reason, it is the most entertaining and simple way to show how great and deeply cultural our country really is.

It might not be a great reference or you might think I am exaggerating, but let me ask you how many great moments you’ve had with some tequila involved ? And of course, I am convinced that every single person reading this knows the word tequila and what it is, even if that’s the only word in Spanish you know. And that is exactly why I am very proud of the Tequila industry, because it is our representative to the world.

It has been a while since I started seeking for a luxury and exclusive Tequila brand to review and give you my honest opinions on it because I wanted to share with my worldwide readers what a great Tequila should feel, look and taste like; but at the same time I wanted the brand to be a great representative of the Mexican culture surrounding tequila industry, a brand that would really represent what Tequila means for me and for my country. As if it was a matter of destiny I came across with my now friend Frank Acosta (@milkmanfit) on social media; I really enjoyed the aesthetic of his posts and the lifestyle he was reflecting on them, so we connected and it came out better than I expected. Why? Well …Tequila.

In Between DM’s and several conversations, it came out that Frank is the founder and CEO of Acosta Tequila. I knew I had to sit down and talk to him about his brand and the journey behind it, so we did! Finally, after some calls I was lucky enough to have a deeper and more interesting session with him fully focused on his emerging Tequila brand. I was surprised with Frank, his values and the full story of why he decided to undertake this path. This is what we came out with…





 Being proud of our origins, and our product

“I’ve always been proud of being Mexican, of my origins, I am aware of what tequila means to the culture and the country in general, so if I wasn’t Mexican, I wouldn’t have done it. I am proud of being who I am, I have always been. I grew up in a time in which a lot of people wouldn’t accept the fact that my parents were Mexican, but I decided to be proud and to represent my family, it’s something that comes from my heart. 

I am honored that I can share this and make my family never second guess their heritage because I know the struggles my father and my brother faced due to where they came from. So, that for me is the most satisfying part of this entire project.

  •  Frank Acosta, founder & CEO of Acosta Tequila.








Interview with Frank Acosta:

  1. Frank, why Tequila?

A: I’ve been on this journey for almost 4 years and it has been a passion driven project since the very beginning, it is really a tribute to my parents and grandparents who are from Mexico. My motivation for this project is connecting with my heritage by giving back in the most respectful way to the country of Mexico.

So you can be sure this is a brand fully conscious and focused on passion, love, heritage, giving back, and sustainability; these are the things we are trying to exude and accomplish with this project.  


  1. When and why did you realize you wanted to start a Tequila company?

A: Anton, you probably know it with your company, it just hits you one day, you wake up and you just realize you want to do something challenging and interesting that brings fulfillment to your life. 

Sometimes it’s all about having a conversation with yourself on how and if you’re up for the challenge. So one day I just knew it was time to try something different and push myself out of my comfort zone. This has been a very challenging project that has been fueled by passion heritage, love and purpose 

I believe many spirit’s companies are focused on the financial end goal.  We are focused on the story of how we want to change our clients’ way of thinking. We want our clients to feel empowerment when they purchase the product, heritage, quality of taste, and sustainability.  Sustainability, specifically with the craftsmanship of the bottle and product, HECHO EN MEXICO, and helping with the preservation of the JAGUAR. “Face your fears” and “Own the night, “ be a jaguar and be fearless. Our product maintains a deep cognac based color that derives the taste from imported barrels.  It pairs great with a steak or you can just enjoy neat after a long day.



















  1. Talking about giving back and paying homage, can you tell me a little bit more about the Jaguar conservation program involved with Acosta Tequila?

A: Yes, we wanted our tequila to be more than just a tequila. Jaguars are considered God like amongst the Mesoamerican cultures  throughout Mexico, Central, and South America. We are aware of how the jaguars used to roam freely amongst the pyramids and jungles,  but due to the carbon footprint, global warming, and pollution they are being forced out of their natural habitat.

We’ve met with several organizations but haven’t found the right fit just yet.  We need to make sure we are hands on and we are really helping these beautiful creatures. We are focused on “how to live with them” because people have forgotten that we are just guest’s in their world. How can we do things that are healthier for the environment, cleaner for the water?   We want to help with that, either by working with the organization or developing campaigns where we can provide educational content through social media, having a direct impact and doing whatever we can to help these animals and their environment. 

This initiative is one we are very focused on, because this mesmerizing animal is the second largest wild cat in the world and is in danger of extinction. As an animal lover and advocate for preserving Mexican culture, we are dedicated to help support the jaguar and prevent extinction. 


  1. Did the Jaguar mean something for you before this project, why did you pick it as your symbol?

A: Jaguars are known  for their fearless nature. They’re not afraid to take risks, even when the odds seem impossible. As an entrepreneur, this has always been very relatable for me, so I’ve always been intrigued by the jaguar because that’s who I am.

I also naturally connect more with animals because I love them. You can tell with my dog and the connection I have with animals in general. So for me, the relation of the jaguar to my project and wanting to bond with the Jaguar represents who I am. 

That interpersonal bond with the jaguar grew along with the project itself; that is why I took the jaguar as the symbol. I can’t wait to make an impact and see how much and how far we can go with this initiative.


  1. Besides from the Jaguar logo, I noticed the bottle is shaped as a pyramid since the first time I saw it. Does that have a meaning behind it too?

A: I think many brands get diluted or confused on what their brand is or represents by hiring designers or agencies that don’t share their original vision and they eventually get lost. So for this design, I drew it myself. I actually still have the paper in which I drew it. 

Pyramids represent so many things within Mexico specifically, things that you can only imagine in times that were so far ahead. Visiting the pyramids in central Mexico was one of the most amazing things of my life. When we came up with the last design nothing contradicted each other, everything in the overall design of the bottle was in the same line, from the name Acosta to the logo and the shape of the bottle; so when you see this bottle you see Mexico 

Taking a deeper look you can see the reflection of several cultures in this amazing stairway to god, but also you can see and feel the luxury of the product.

I want to give back, all of our manufacturing is done in Mexico. We are proud of our roots and it makes sense to keep production in the same country. If we are going to be a luxury tequila brand, we need to be honest and support the region that is giving us the main product we are so proud of. 



















As for me, this interview session came up way better than I expected, filled with amazing feelings and great stories throughout the project. I really respect the fact that Frank is trying to reflect with every single detail of his brand. I can’t wait to try Acosta Tequila and be part of the journey and growth of the brand, I will be looking forward to bringing you a review of the final product and all the details on how and where you will be able to get yourself a bottle.

I really want to give special thanks to Frank Acosta for letting me be the very first media brand to have a closer look at his project with this interview. Frank, thank you for giving me the opportunity to collaborate and opening up to me with his journey and your passion behind Acosta Tequila. I really hope for the best of the successes in this new project. I have a great feeling about your brand and I am glad you allowed me to be part of it, at least in a little amount.

Stay tuned for further information on Acosta Tequila and Frank himself, check out his social media and his brand’s webpage down below:

Frank Acosta IG: @milkmanfit

Acosta Tequila IG: @acosta_tequila

Acosta Tequila Official Website