Codalunga stands for “long tail” and it certainly is, the first thing I thought when I saw this hypercar was “is this an old Pagani ?” I legitimately thought for a second this was some kind of vintage prototype of the brand, but after listening about it for a couple minutes I realized Horacio was showcasing his artistic imagination once again; and he did it in such a perfect way that I even believed it was a vintage car.

Let me explain myself, the Huayra Codalunga is fully inspired by the timeless shapes of italian coachbuilders and race cars from the 60s, specifically form Lemans; and you can notice it right away, the delicate and elegant lines are something that Pagani is not used to, usually the Huayra is way more aggressive design wise, but this car is different, it feels like the air was responsible of shaping it. It looks so natural, so organic, even when you look at it from the side it looks almost like a drop of water because of the upgoing general shape, in my opinion this is the most artistic Pagani ever built.




Let’s dive into the details of this car, we should start saying that there will be only 5 units produced (of course every one of them already sold) and the idea came to life back in 2018 as a collaboration of two Pagani collectors and the “Pagani Grandi Complicazione” team, the clients asked Horacio if he could build a long tail version of the Huayra Coupé, with the sole purpose of creating an elegant hypercar, that and I quote “would feel at home on the roads as well as on display at international Concours events.” The result is amazing, Pagani, instead of adding details to a base coupe, they took away, ending up with not only the fluent and elegant shapes but also with a weight reduction record ending up in a total weight of only 1,280 kg which is an astonishing number considering the size and materials of the hypercar.

The pilot room is a masterpiece, as we could expected it from the brand, it may look the same as the Huayra Coupé one, but the more you look at it, the more details you find; starting with the race seats homaging the 60s Lemans race cars with a checkered flag pattern embodied on woven aged suede leather that screams class and elegance. If you take a closer look at the tachometer and console area you will find small but key details and “vintage” touches that help the immersive experience of being in an old race car. Right behind you, the classic AMG V12 engine screaming through a very special titanium exhaust system that produces an erotic sound, the exhaust note of the Coladunga is so different, I just loved it.




Let me tell you that if I had 7.4 million euros right now, I would certainly buy this moving piece of art, I am fascinated with the design involved in this hypercar form the outside to every detail of the inside; this masterpiece made me feel so much excitement and the vibe it gave me was comparable to no other. The Pagani Huayra Coladonga is definitely one of the most beautiful and capable cars of the year, this is the perfect way to prove that sometimes less is more.

Written by Founder and Head editor: Anton Fernandez.