As an enthusiast of luxury & lifestyle I am always navigating everything surrounding it, always on the lookout for remarkable stories, brands or projects to write about. Back in time in 2021, I stumbled upon something truly extraordinary that caught my eye and undeniably was something I was interested in; Private Jet Pyjama Party (PJPP). This captivating NFT project which was redefining exclusivity and community-building in a way that left me in awe. Let me take you on a journey of my discovery and share how PJPP has made a significant impact on the luxury industry.

PJPP is like a shining gem among countless NFT projects in the digital landscape.I personally had very bad experiences dabbling into the web3 world, but PJPP just felt different.

PJPP was not just another digital venture; it felt like something way more special, something I didn’t want to miss; for the very first time of my life I truly desired to be part of a project with such an amazing community with shared passions.  I know it, because I experienced the sense of belonging and such a passionate community back when I joined the discord room of the project, and the community was already strong enough to get the project a lot of success since the very beginning.

This project went through a lot, and I experienced it as an spectator willing to someday become part of it, from huge collaborations with exclusive brands (even my favorite watchmaking house), amazing IRL events in which members came together to have great experiences; up to having some ups and downs in the process. But overall the now owners have always shown their passion behind the project and that the main objective they had from the beginning has always been to build a community that would mark the history of web3 and the lifestyle industry forever.



Despite the challenges faced by many NFT projects, PJPP has thrived. This success can be attributed to Mo and Alex’s unwavering commitment to building a community centered around their shared passion for the finer things in life. They have created a haven where exclusivity, camaraderie, and exceptional experiences converge harmoniously.

Join me, as I had the exclusive opportunity to Interview Alex and Mo, so we can get a closer approach of the journey Private Jet Pyjama Party has been. And especially, for you to appreciate and celebrate the profound impact they have had on the luxury and lifestyle industry;  and how they are molding the future of members’ clubs.


  • First of all, Alex, Mo, tell us a little bit about yourselves…


A: Sure! We have different backgrounds, but are both united by a shared passion for the finer things in life and firmly convinced in the transformative power of certain use cases of blockchain technology. I (Alex) am in finance and have extensive experience working with institutional players across the digital assets space, across custody, brokerage and tokenization of financial products. I (Mo) am instead a venture capitalists with a deep passion for the crypto space.


  •  For how long you guys have been involved with Private Jet Pyjama Party, and which was and is currently your vision about it, now that you are heading the project?


A: We joined the project at different times. I became a member of the community the day the Discord launched and within 2 days became the lead (and only) moderator. Mo joined later on around the time we launched the collaboration with SEASE in St. Moritz. At the time, the bull market was in full swing and projects were launching every single day but PJPP stood out for attracting a European audience and having artwork that looked clearly more sophisticated than most collectibles. The vision was very opaque though and, in hindsight, unclear to the two Founders too. Now that Mo and myself have taken ownership of the project there is clarity; we are building the most meaningful digital members club focused on reuniting a global community that shares a passion for the finer things in life.


  • Can you describe the concept of PJPP in a few sentences, and what makes it unique in the Membership clubs / NFT space?


A:  Absolutely, PJPP is an extension of traditional membership clubs that has its roots in the digital space rather than in bricks glued on top of each other. It is not prisoner of the confines of a building and is instead ever growing, supported by the imagination and vision of the community that shapes it every single day. It fosters opportunities for communities around the world to collide and grow together, supported by digital initiatives and perks that amplify the reach. Not the other way around.There are two key aspects that make it unique: the type of people that hold our Membership, which come from 70 countries, 1/3 women, 50% over the age of 30 and with vast disposable income, as well as the focus on a distributed network of IRL events.



  • What inspired you to focus on creating a highly exclusive members club, and how do you decide who is eligible to join? Is it still based on owning the artpieces?


A: The decision was very spontaneous; we analyzed the existing Members and what resonated most with them based on the conversations that were happening daily online and especially their reaction to the IRL events we organized. We ran a survey which helped us capture important information about the community’s hobbies, interest and professions, and it became very clear that the vast majority of people who were holding our artwork were seeking high quality, meaningiful connections aimed at enriching their personal and professional lives. As to entering the Club, we are firm believers in the decentralized nature of blockchain and cannot think of a better way to place the spotlight on Members extending to seventy countries. We have always focused on empowering the individuals that make our community so rich and vibrant and relying on NFT technology allows us to do so seamlessly.


  • Can you tell us about the different levels of membership that are available, and what perks and benefits each level offers?


A: The Club currently offers two different membership tiers that are directly linked to the number of NFTs held. Holding an NFT from the main collections will grant access to all events, both IRL and digital, as well as all collaborations. In addition to exclusive benefits via our partner network, Members enter an exceptional community of like-minded and accomplished individuals reunited to celebrate life, online and IRL. Members holding more than 15 NFTs, instead, enjoy a more immersive experience and unlock preferred benefits, including access to a restricted circle of people with an appreciation for the most elevated standards of luxury.


  • What kind of events and experiences can members expect to enjoy as part of their membership?


A: Oh there are many – we have a Global Golfing World Tour and International Karting Championship where Members reunite to compete in world-class facilities for prizes (and the glory obviously). We recently were at the Terre Blanche Country Club in the French Riviera for a weekend of golf and will soon be heading to Crans-Montana in Switzerland for another. We also organize networking opportunities through Meetups supported by our community –from Geneva to New York, from Amsterdam to Istanbul, we typically will enjoy each others company around the table of elegant restaurants.  

There are many more types of events coming up – joint roadtrips, a padel tournament, a memorable summer party in Marbella and much more! The beauty is that each Member can take the initiative of organizing different events and PJPP will help with the organization.



  • How have you been able to collaborate with such well-known brands, and what are some of the benefits of these partnerships for your members?


A: We like to approach brands with a concept we call “Community as a Service”. We are very fortunate to interact with a beautiful community that enjoys living life fully and that has a well defined taste for many different areas, which obviously interests our partners. We are able to raise awareness of their products and services within our audience, effectively becoming a distribution channel for them. In return, we generate value for our Members through preferred terms with our partners, both in the form of access or financially.


  • What can you tell us about your upcoming collaboration with luxury tequila brand Padre Azul, and what kind of experience can members expect from this partnership?


A: This is one of our favorites. Padre Azul is a company that was introduced to us through a Member of the community who has a close relationship with the brand’s leadership. The company brought their product to the 2022 Summer Party hosted in Innsbruck and Members loved their products. We then decided to push our collaboration further and will now grant our Members advantegous rates across their online marketplace, but most importantly, will bring to the market an exclusive, limited edition Blanco that channels in the bottle the essence of the two brands coming together. We cannot wait to ship the bottles out.


  • How has PJPP evolved over time, and what have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?


A: PJPP has been a memorable ride so far. In less than two years it attracted an incredible community that is unique in the space, especially when looking at the elevated number of Memberships available. It also went through a change in ownership and leadership and always in a difficult macroeconomic context. Like similar projects which are growing their brand leveraging NFT technology, the biggest challenge has been finding a voice in a chaotic space, one which resonates with the community, is accepting of the market that defines the business, yet that is not distracted by certain misplaced expectations or confusion that defines an industry that is only a few years old.


  • What sets PJPP apart from other NFT projects that have fallen apart over time, and how have you been able to maintain a strong community?


A: The answer is relatively simple – conviction. Conviction of the Members who understand the value PJPP can generate for them, including but beyond the price of the NFT. Our conviction that we can turn PJPP into something beautiful despite having taken over the project without any treasury and with a community that was being driven away. Conviction of the Team that pours its heart and soul into the project every single day and finally, a fundamental belief in the opportunities that a decentralized layer like blockchain can bring to new business models, starting with our Members Club.




  • How do you balance the exclusivity of PJPP with the need to maintain a strong and inclusive community?


A: Most of the work happens automatically. Access is not regulated by a person sending out acceptance or rejection letters, the selection occurs naturally and effectively via the blockchain. Our focus is on creating opportunities that carry meaning and would appeal to an audience which values that – be that the selection of exclusive venues where we host our events, the rich messages we share and style of announcements, the passion and sophistication of our partner’s products and services and much more. Where we also step in, is in regulating the total number of Memberships available, which we have decided to reduce over time. The combination of a scarcer supply and a “substance first” approach will ultimately increase exclusivity while ensure that Members can continue expressing themselves comfortably.


  • What kind of feedback have you received from members, and how have you used this feedback to improve the project?


A: We operate in a space where ideas are discussed openly, before they turn into finished products and services. We thus try to stimulate as many conversations as possible and operate like a community driven, community lead and community owned brand. That is the essence of Web3, where the concept of ownership goes beyond an item but truly empowers and gives a voice to its participants. With this in mind, the feedback that we received in the past ranged from increased transparency, more involvement of the most active Members and a more inclusive approach to collaborations, all things that Mo and I addressed rapidly once we took over PJPP.


  • How do you see PJPP fitting into the larger landscape of luxury and lifestyle brands or projects, both in the NFT space and beyond?


A: We have very ambitios plans for PJPP in this regard. First we want to become a Web3 native aggregator of experiences for our Members, who can access opportunities for value-added under a single “roof”, always focusing on the finer things in life which bring our audience together. Secondly, we want to leverage our IP, which fits the premium positioning that drives brands in the luxury and lifestyle space, to empower our community to channel creativity, ambition and entrepreneurial expression independently.


  • What advice would you give to someone who is interested in creating their own NFT project or luxury membership club?


A: Question your intentions and think about what problem you are trying to resolve or setup you are trying to improve. NFTs allow people building a brand to connect more deeply with their communities, but demand a new approach to communication, idea generation and execution. It is important that this is fully understood before jumping into it, especially given where the space still is. It is young, is it chaotic and filled with emotions, which can be channeled for the best, but can also be overwhelming.


  • How do you stay up to date on trends and developments in the NFT and luxury spaces, and what resources do you rely on for inspiration and guidance?


A: We make sure to use a variety of resources. Most people will arguably say Twitter is the number one source in identifying new trends and that is accurate, but cannot be the only one. Our responsibility as owners and leaders of PJPP is to be aware of what happens across the retail and institutional space, across technology and regulation, in purely digital contexts and at the crossroads with the IRL space. What has proven to be important to filter information has been surrounding ourselves with people who are invested in the space and stimulating a constant conversation with them. Most of the times the answers are already in our network.


  • Finally, what message would you like to send to potential members of PJPP, and why should they consider joining this exclusive community?


A: Try it out. PJPP is the natural evolution of a societal transition that demands new shared platforms to connect more deeply and transparently. Never not welcoming, PJPP is many people’s new digital home, one which will grant each member opportunities to add value to their lives together with like minded individuals. When we launched, the covid pandemic had taken a toll on people, and PJPP quickly became an outlet through which everyone could find new friendships, where students could find new mentors, where professionals could find new partners, where entrepreneurs could find new investors.

For many PJPP means something, but for some, PJPP means everything. Maybe you will be one of them.



In a world of ever-evolving luxury and lifestyle trends, PJPP has emerged as a beacon of passion and community. Mo and Alex’s unwavering dedication to curating exceptional experiences and fostering connections within their exclusive members club has left an indelible mark on the industry. Their collaborations with renowned brands like Watchype and Onda, and the recent release of their highly anticipated partnership with luxury tequila brand Padre Azul, are testaments to their commitment to elevating the experience of being part of a members’ club.

As we conclude this interview, we invite you to explore the remarkable world of PJPP and witness firsthand the extraordinary experiences it offers. Remember, the key to unlocking the extraordinary is just a click away, make sure you check out this unique project and consider becoming part of it. I can tell this project is nothing close to an end, I transitioned from being an spectator to collaborating with the project, that is just one little proof of how amazing this community is.

Don’t miss out on their latest collaboration with Padre Azul, which promises to be a seamless blend of luxury and indulgence. Join Mo, Alex, and the vibrant community they’ve built as they continue to redefine what it means to savor the exquisite and embrace the power of shared passions.

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Written by Founder & Head-Editor: Anton Fernandez

In collaboration with Alex & Mo Owners of Private Jet Pyjama Party