“And it is in the very heart of stars, where our thermometer would show a few million degrees, that iron meteorites are born. This powerful and poetic energy then gives birth to a new star, or even a galaxy.”

Certainly one of the most fulfilling and touching words we have ever read to describe a watch, and we could not expect less, just by looking at this timepiece I know it is something special, unique, something only DeBethune is able to make. The DB25 Starry is mesmerizing, created from a meteorite embodied in it´s dial with a beautiful starry sky to homage its timeless material.

DeBethune DB25

Of course the DB25 Starry will be a limited piece, up to five pieces per year to come correct, and I know what you are thinking, “meteorite have been used in DeBethune timepieces before, why is this so special?” Yes, we saw the DB28XP Meteorite, and despite that we all loved it; it is nothing like the Starry Varius. With Denis Flageollet (founder and Master Watchmaker of De Bethune) being a huge meteorites enthusiast, his brand ended up working with a new kind of meteorite material: “Muonionalusta” paired with Debethune´s mastery of thermal oxidation metals, the result is mental; creating a dial with a starry sky over the blue meteorite dial, accompanied by its very own milky way as you can appreciate in the photos.

Let’s get deeper into this technique: “This azure shade results from the heat released by the chemical reactions of the heated meteorite. Dotted across this blue dial surface is a multitude of small white gold pins, delicately driven in between the different shapes and thicknesses of the octahedral geometrical structures. Like tiny, suspended marbles, these glittering flashes of light endow the celestial vault with its aura of timeless depth. In addition to bringing a unique fragment of space to the wrist”DeBethune DB25 press release* We couldn’t have explained it better, and not to mention each customer will be able to personalize his wrist sky by choosing a constellation, a specific date; and even time and space. Now you understand why this is so impressive?.

And in case you were thinking differently, yes, this timepiece is filled with DeBethune´s technologies, the 42 mm watch is equipped with the super lightweight titanium and silicon tourbillon, the mechanical manual-winding DB2109V4 caliber, a jumping seconds display to ensure reading precision and also the latest generation of balance wheel which is visible from the back of the watch.


DeBethune DB25


After learning and analyzing this watch and its equipment, I can not wait to be able to have a closer look at this masterpiece. I am certain that this will become one of the most beautiful and breathtaking timepieces ever produced. In fact, I can say it is already one of my favorites.


Written by Founder & Head editor: Anton Fernandez